About Us

An Islamic Bookstore based in the heart of London, we provide the best of knowledge published in the best of prints to those across the Globe restricted from access to such knowledge.
We stock Arabic & English books in the different fields of Islam. Paying attention to works of classical scholars, Publications, rare books, and contemporary Islamic topics.


Al-Badr Bookstore was launched in Ramadan of 2017 by Students of Knowledge investing their time to please Allah, studying extensively in the UK before enhancing abroad across the Middle East. Primarily Al-Badr Bookstore source their books from Egypt, India, Lebanon, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.
Our offices are located on the Docklands, London E14.


Al-Badr bookstore began its journey due to the lack of resources and scripts available in the West. They recognised when certain books were required their availability was only in such countries which Al-Badr Bookstore now source from. The determination was to eradicate the gulf of accessibility, and to eradicate the vast expense detrimented upon a student when purchasing books from the UK, Europe, and the US.
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